The Northern Ireland Agri-Rural Health Forum* has launched its first campaign, encouraging farmers to get their blood pressure checked. 

NIGTA is proud to support the NI Agri-Rural Health Forum and this very important campaign.

Farmers know the dangers of driving on over inflated tyres. Living with high blood pressure is like driving with an over inflated tyre. You need to take control and think about:

  • You can check it, change it, and control it.
  • You may feel well but high blood pressure could still be causing damage.
  • Small changes will make a big difference.
  • It is free to check, the only cost to you is your time.
  • If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Many people with high blood pressure feel fine. But even if you feel fine, you should still have your blood pressure checked regularly. If you're a healthy adult over 40, it's recommended that you get it checked regularly but if you're at increased risk of high blood pressure, you should have it checked more often. If you have high blood pressure, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. It’s important to find support from the people around you and healthcare professionals. Make sure you check your blood pressure and keep a diary of your readings regularly, so you can see your progress.

Don’t delay, get it checked today – at your local GP, pharmacy or with the Farm Family Health Checks van.

For more information on blood pressure signs and symptoms click here –




*The Northern Ireland Agri-Rural Health Forum, chaired by Dr Rebecca Orr and co-ordinated by Rural Support, brings together key decision-makers in the agriculture, public health, community and voluntary sectors, and related commercial organisations to help influence public opinion and ensure the appropriate incorporation of mental and physical health needs in agri-rural communities into strategy and policy development. As a group of individuals and organisations supporting the agri-rural sector in Northern Ireland we are committed to helping improve the health and wellbeing of citizens who live in the agri-rural community.

Members of the Forum Steering Group includes Dr Rebecca Orr, Rural GP trainee (clinical and research); Rural Support; UFU; NFU Mutual; United Feeds; Chestnutt Animal Feeds Ltd; Ulster Bank; Danske Bank; YFCU; HSENI; Northern Health and Social Care Trust; Farm Family Health Checks Programme; VetNI; ABP Food Group; Healthy Living Centre Alliance; PHA; Mindwise; Moy Park; NIGTA.