The Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured Cereals Scheme (NIFQACS) has been revised and updated for the 2014 harvest.                     

Purchasers of assured local grain should be aware that -  

The grain passports which must accompany each consignment of cereal will now have stickers applied which are valid for 1 season.

Deliveries in the current season should be accompanied by a passport with a red sticker – see sample right!

 Passports must now include trailer identification as well as vehicle registration number. 

The frequency of farm inspection has now been increased to 18 months in line with other farm assurance schemes.

Other enhancements are aimed at improving the effectiveness of pest control and at managing the risk of mycotoxin contamination in grains.

A register of all participating growers is available from Northern Ireland Food Chain Certification (NIFCC) Tel – 02892 633017 and can be viewed on